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Component 4 – Training and meetings


Organisation of training sessions, workshop, seminars, meetings, info days and other events on specific subjects is a typical component of the EMSA’s implemented projects for IPA countries. This will continue with the current project focussing on provision of trainings related to the EU maritime legislation implemented by the beneficiaries and supporting their participation to the Users’ Groups meeting relating to the EMSA’s services that they will be granted access to. Port state control officers can be supported to attend the seminars and training sessions at Paris MoU with financing from the project, in cases of a pending application for membership to the organisation.

Moreover, training schemes developed within the context of the EMSA Academy will also be made available to participants from the beneficiary countries. including access to VRESI.

National trainings will be delivered in-country following a request from one or more of the beneficiaries. This will allow EMSA to inform a larger number of officials in the country or region.

Trainings are offered also through the Maritime Knowledge Centre (MaKCs), a web-based platform offering distance learning through pre-developed eLearning modules.