Component 3 – Tools and Services


Beneficiaries will be provided with access to EMSA’s services and tools to support the implementation of the EU and international legislation related to maritime safety, maritime security and protection of the marine environment.

This will include the provision of RuleCheck the repository tool providing users with access to international and European maritime legislation in their UpToDate editions, thus, supporting staff of the beneficiaries’ maritime administrations both in-the-field and at central level, in their daily activities.

Provision of CleanSeaNet (CSN) services will be offered to coastal States beneficiaries providing them with almost real time satellite information on potential oil spills; thus, supporting the early detection and response to marine pollution. The service will be complemented by the provision of SAT-AIS information to facilitate the identification of potential polluters.

Beneficiaries which are coastal States will be also offered the opportunity to join the SafeSeaNet (SSN) Mediterranean regional server (MARE∑) and share national AIS information on reciprocal basis with other participants. Studies on national AIS coverage will be started to facilitate the identification of waters not covered by the national AIS networks. Where necessary AIS base station could be provided to cover the identified gaps.