partnership 283The cooperation with other Agencies and bodies is one of the tools for the Agency to avoid duplication of work and foster synergies in its relevant fields of activities. The cooperation developed by the Agency with different bodies at technical level confirms that EMSA is considered a reliable partner.

In most of the cases the final objective of these cooperation arrangements is to improve the quality of services offered by the Agency to the MemberStates and the Commission, within the limits of its mandate.

Different agreements signed by the Agency relate also to exchange of information and data, relevant in the field of maritime safety, prevention of pollution from ships, pollution preparedness, detection and response. 

Inter-Agency Cooperation Agreements

newsbulletEMSA – Frontex (3/5/2013)
newsbulletEMSA – ESA Agreement (2/7/2010)
newsbulletEMSA – Frontex EFCA (December 2009)
newsbulletEMSA – EFCA (17/6/2008)
newsbulletEMSA – JRC (13/3/2007)