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"For twenty years we have been at the side of the European Commission and the Member States.
In that time, we have grown and developed to better adapt to the needs of those who use our services.
But our mission has never changed – to work towards a safe, secure, and sustainable maritime sector..."

Featured video: 'This is EMSA' (June 2022)

Items Published
European Maritime Safety Report (EMSAFE) 17.06.2022
This is EMSA 16.06.2022
Anniversary conference live broadcast 15.06.2022
EMSA - Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems 06.06.2022
20 years of EMSA - visits to EU Member States 07.02.2022
20 years of EMSA - IMS 06.01.2022
World Maritime Day 2021 30.09.2021
The European Maritime Transport Environmental Report (EMTER) 02.09.2021
EMSA 2020 Highlights 17.03.2021
EMSA and Space Technologies 13.01.2021
EMSA's 20th anniversary 05.01.2021
European Coast Guard Cooperation - EMSA, EFCA and Frontex 10.12.2020
Integrated Maritime Services App 30.11.2020
EMSA staff give recap on 2019 17.03.2020
EMSA Team Building Day 2019 19.12.2019
EMSA Training for Sulphur Inspectors 19.11.2019
EMSA Women in Shipping 05.04.2019
EMSA staff give recap on 2018 25.03.2019
First European Conference on Transport Cybersecurity 23.01.2019 23.01.2019
First Training on Oil Spill Sampling (2018) 05.11.2018

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