Component 5 - Human Element in maritime safety


Icons BCSea 5The human element is an important factor in maritime safety. It is a complex multi-dimensional issue that affects maritime safety, security and marine environmental protection involving the entire spectrum of human activities performed by ships’ crews, shore based management, regulatory bodies and others. 80% of maritime accidents can be attributed in some way to human element failures. The project will address the human element with the aim of achieving an effective enhancement of the maritime safety standards. This will be done by providing beneficiaries with the opportunity of sharing best practices with some selected EU MS on the implementation of the MLC 2006 and providing them also with training activities for Flag and Port State inspectors to support the effective implementation of the relevant IMO and ILO legislation such as the Convention on Minimum Standards of Training and Certification and Watch-keeping (STCW), the MLC and the International Safety Management (ISM) Code made mandatory through the SOLAS convention.

Expected output

• Training and sharing best practices on the implementation of the MLC 2006 and related human element - IMO and ILO legislation.

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