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Port State Control inspection Database -THETIS

THETIS is an inspection data base, developed, maintained and hosted by EMSA that supports the Port State Control inspection regime foreseen by Directive 2009/16/EC as amended and its four implementing regulations.

THETIS serves also as an inspection database to support the provisions of Directive 99/35/EC on ro-ro ferries and high-speed passenger crafts, Directive 2009/17/EC on a system of mandatory surveys for the safe operation of regular ro-ro ferry and high-speed passenger craft services, Directive 2009/15/EC on Recognised Organisations and the related Regulation (EC) No 319/2009, Directive 2009/20/EC on insurance for maritime claims and Regulation (EC) No 392/2009 on liability for the carriage of passengers, THETIS is continuously updated to support any new amendments of the PSC Directive such as those foreseen by Regulation (EU) 1257/2013 on ship Recycling and Regulation (EU) 2015/757 for the monitoring, reporting and verification of CO2 emissions from maritime transport.

The system serves both the EU Member States and the wider region of the Paris Memorandum of Understanding on PSC (Paris MOU) which includes Canada, Iceland, Norway and the Russian Federation.

The working name for the system is THETIS derives from the Greek goddess of the sea in mythology.

THETIS is a single window information system combining port call information (from SafeSeaNet system also hosted by EMSA) and inspection data. The system guides through a risk based approach targeting mechanism the users to ships which shall be inspected and allows the results of inspections to be recorded. Via THETIS these reports are made available to all port State control authorities in the Union and in the Paris MoU region. Today, around 18 000 inspections per year are recorded in the system by 600 authorised users from 28 connected countries (EU and Paris MoU States).

THETIS also interfaces with a number of other maritime safety-related databases including THETIS EU, the EU-recognised classification societies, Equasis and other port State control regimes so as to exchange data and provide a full picture for the inspector.

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