THETIS MRV Videos - Companies

Before companies can use THETIS-MRV to draft Monitoring Plans (MPs) and produce Emission Reports (ERs), there are a couple of configurations which have to be done in the following sequence:

  1. Apply for a registration as a company user
  2. Enter MRV company details
  3. If necessary, add additional users under the same Company account
  4. Define email notification as deemed appropriate
  5. Request a partnership to a Verifier
  6. Wait that the verifier accepts the request
  7. Add ship under the scope of the regulation
  8. Update missing mandatory ship particulars

From this moment onwards, users of the company can create MPs for each ship and later submit them to the Verifier for assessment. Users will also be able to enter CO2 emissions (by recording fuel consumption or direct monitoring) in view of generating Emission Reports following each reporting period.

In order to facilitate the understanding of the configuration process as well as the actual work of drafting and submitting MPs and ERs, please go through the list of THETIS-MRV video tutorials available below.

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Carl Story

Story of Carl who has 3 ships which fall under the scope of the EU MRV Regulation. The story is about how Carl manages to work with an accredited verifier to fulfil his obligations. Along the way, Carl adds a new ship to his fleet which also falls under the scope of the Regulation.

C01 Registration

User of a company registers in the system

C02 Login

Company user first login following an explanation of the elements in the MyFleet page

C03 Recording MRV company details

Company user configures MRV company details

C04 Company user creates more users

Company creates users

C05 Company user configures email messages

Company user configures email notification messages to be received from the system

C06 Company request Partnership to a verifier

Following a commercial agreement between a company and a verifier, the company logs in the system to record a partnership which will allow both to work in the system in view of fulfilling their legal obligations.

C07 Add ships to My fleet searching by IMO number

Following the establishment of a partnership with a Verifier, the company adds its ships to their fleet searching by IMO number.

C08 Add ships to My fleet by uploading a file

Following the establishment of a partnership with a Verifier, the company adds its ships to their fleet by uploading a file.

C09 Update ship particulars

Company user updates ship particulars. Brief explanation on the influence of the Ship Type and Ice Class information in the content of the MP and ER.

C10 Assign a verifier to a ship

Company assigns a Verifier (with whom a partnership is established) to a ship


Monitoring Plan

C11 Creating a Monitoring Plan

31 Out 2017, 2'35

Company creates a Monitoring Plan

C12 Monitoring Plan Workflow

31 Out 2017, 4'34

Explanation of the Monitoring Plan workflow

C13 Monitoring Plan content

31 Out 2017, 11'30

Demonstration of the content of the MP making a link with the template as defined in Annex I or the Implementing Regulation 2016/1927

C14 Submit Monitoring Plan to the Verifier for assessment

24 Nov 2017, 3'28

Company submits the Monitoring Plan to the Verifier for assessment

C15 Cloning of a Monitoring Plan

05 Dez 2017, 4'27

Company clones a monitotirng plan to all ships in the fleet.

C16 Upload MP through XML file

19 Dez 2017, 4'23

Company uploads a Monitoring plan through an XML file.


Emission Report

C17 Create Emission Report

19 Dez 2017, 15'05

This video explains the process of creating an Emission Report in 2 steps. The first step is about entering monitoring information and the second step is about creating the Emission Report based on the information from Step 1. This video is important to understand the voluntary and mandatory reporting requirements.

C18 Emission Report Workflow

11 Jan 2018, 5'41

Explanation of the Emission Report workflow.

C19 Emission Report Content

11 Jan 2018, 8'30

Demonstration of the content of the ER making a link with the template as defined in Annex II or the Implementing Regulation 2016/1927.

C20 Submit Emission Report

08 Fev 2018, 5'29

Company submits an Emission Report to the Verifier and, following a successful verification, submits the Emission Report to the Commission.


Document of Compliance

thetis mrv video thumb C21 Download DoC

22 Feb 2018, 2'59

Company downloads from the system a DoC for a verified emission report, once the verifier has issued it in the system.


Upload data through XML files

thetis mrv video thumb C22 Upload data trough XML files

22 Feb 2018, 5'23

Demo on the use of XML files to upload data into the system.