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National Expert in Professional Training

The professional traineeship programme aims to provide NEPTs (National Experts in Professional Training) with experience of EMSAs working methods with regard to Marine Pollution Response, Vessel Traffic Information Systems and EU Maritime Safety Legislation. In-service training enables them to gain practical experience and understanding of the day-to-day work of EMSA and to give them the opportunity to work in a multi-cultural environment, whilst at the same time allowing staff from the National Administrations to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired in their studies.

The professional traineeships offered by EMSA shall last between three and five months and will be organised twice a year, usually starting on the 1 or the 16 of the months of March and October.

Please note that NEPTs shall continue to be paid by their employer without any financial compensation from EMSA.

People who have already been seconded as an SNE or worked under an employment contract in one of the Community institutions or bodies shall not be eligible for professional traineeships.


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