Member States, Norway & Iceland

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Capacity Building through training: Training is provided by a dedicated team of experts through seminars, workshops, experts' visits and information days covering all fields of EMSA's mandate – from Port State Control, maritime security and vessel traffic monitoring to port reception facilities, marine equipment and pollution prevention and response. Experts from the Member States and international organisations are also invited to share their experience with the course participants who have been designated by the Member States' maritime administrations. Traditional lecturing is combined with increased participation, through case studies practical exercises, working groups/teams etc.

The training programme for EU countries, Norway and Iceland is proposed by the dedicated training team of the Agency and is formalised by representatives of the member states during the annual meeting of the Consultative Network on Technical Assistance (CNTA) held at EMSA.

Capacity Building through guidelines, recommendations and best practices: EMSA, taking into account the growing and vast regulatory framework at international and EU level which leads to numerous obligations for the Member States, is continuously developing and disseminating guidance & best practices to support the Member States officials implementing in a uniform manner the Union acquis.

Capacity Building through enhancement of existing tools and development of new tools: EMSA develops, hosts and maintains technical solutions thus supporting the building up of the necessary national capacity for the implementation of relevant legal acts of the Union.

EMSA has developed and updates on an annual basis the overview of the Maritime Administrations which covers: Contact points, Status of Conventions, IMO Audit Scheme, STCW Recognitions, Recognised Organisations & functions delegated, Performance and composition of the fleet, Number of surveyors & investigators and Port Reception Facilities.


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