Technical Assistance to Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries

According to Article 2(g) of Regulation (EC) No 1406/2002 “in the course of negotiations with States applying for accession the Agency may provide technical assistance as regards the implementation of Community legislation in the field of maritime safety and prevention of pollution by ships.The task […] shall include, where appropriate, the organisation of training activities”.

On the basis of this mandate and following an agreement with the European Commission (DG ELARG), the Agency provides technical assistance to candidate and potential candidate countries under the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) project in order to promote the approximation of their national legislation to the EU maritime legislation andprepare their eventual accession to the EU.

Currently there are seven beneficiary countries, namely: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, FYROM, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. Actions include training on issues related to EU maritime legislation, information days in participating countries, exchange of expertise, expert visits and other technical assistance activities based on requests of the beneficiary countries.

There are no fees associated with participation in a training course at EMSA and the number of participants who are fully reimbursed by EMSA varies from country to country depending on their different interests in the maritime sector.

Further ad hoc assistance is provided to the European Commission in the implementation and monitoring of specific EU funded projects for EU neighbouring countries, such as SAFEMED II on the the development of Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the field of maritime safety and security, prevention of pollution from ships and marine environmental issues. In 2012 the SAFEMED II project will be in its implementation phase with a large set of activities for the beneficiary countries. As with 2010 and 2011, these activities will call for strong involvement from EMSA.