FuelEU Webinars

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EMSA, together with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport (DG MOVE) is promoting a series of webinars for a better understanding of the FuelEU Maritime Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2023/1805) that introduces the use of renewable, low-carbon fuels and clean energy technologies for ships, essential to support decarbonisation in the sector.

These webinars complement the information available for shipping companies, verifiers, industry, and other maritime stakeholders on the decarbonisation of the maritime transport, including the relevant changes introduced to the EU Maritime Monitoring Reporting and Verification (EU MRV) system.

The webinar series are for invited maritime stakeholders and began on June 4th 2024, although they will continue in the following months. However, a recording of each webinar is made available shortly after transmission through this page and via a dedicated YouTube playlist on EMSA’s YouTube channel.

The webinars will be presented in reverse order (the most recent webinar is displayed first). The entire playlist is available to view on YouTube. Note that the videos embedded on this page are hosted by a third party (YouTube). By clicking on them and playing them, you accept the terms and conditions of youtube.com.

The first webinar was dedicated to Preparing for FuelEU Maritime Regulation, including the updated timeline for the secondary legislation, FuelEU Monitoring Plan workflow and content. It was also presented the FuelEU Database concept, including the planned enhancements in THETIS MRV. The recordings of morning and afternoon sessions are now available online, as well as the presentations given at the event:

  • Preparing for FuelEU Regulation - key milestones and dates
  • Preparing for FuelEU Maritime Regulation – General overview
  • FuelEU Monitoring Plan Content

First webinar: 4 June 2024:

This webinar, organised in collaboration with DG MOVE in the European Commission, focused on preparations for the FuelEU Maritime Regulation:

This webinar has two questions and answer components. The first question and answers session took place in the morning of June 4.

The second question and answers session took place in the afternoon of June 4