Workshop materials & reports

Workshop materials & reports
Title Place Date Documents Reports
SSN / LRIT Group Meeting 5
Lisbon 21.05.2019
CMS Maritime Security Workshop
Lisbon 15.05.2019
1st CISE Stakeholders Group meeting
Lisbon 15.05.2019
1st Meeting of the pilot project for the facilitation of ship to shore reporting
Lisbon 03.04.2019
Workshop on Capacity Building activities
Lisbon 26.03.2019
CleanSeaNet User Group 18
Lisbon 12.03.2019
Cybersecurity Table-Top Exercise
Lisbon 06.03.2019
Montenegro supported to participate in the Paris MoU Expert Training “Safety and Environment“
Scheveningen, The Netherlands 26.02.2019
ECGFF – EMSA Workshop on a new European Environmental Commitment
Lisbon 27.02.2019
Training for Flag State inspectors from the Enlargement countries
Lisbon, Portugal 14.01.2019
Copernicus Maritime Surveillance First User Group Report
Lisbon 09.11.2018
Automated Behaviour Monitoring - Workshop 4
Lisbon 05.12.2018
Workshop on ship-source pollution
Lisbon 13.11.2018
15th Mediterranean Expert Working Group Meeting
Venice, Italy 27.11.2018
Integrated Maritime Services User Consultation Meeting #12
Lisbon 24.10.2018
Copernicus User Group Meeting
Lisbon 09.10.2018
SSN / LRIT Group Meeting 4
Lisbon 23.10.2018
EMSA Open Days in the framework of the Portugal Shipping Week
Lisbon 17.09.2018
EMSA workshops on accident investigation and maritime surveillance in the framework of the Portugal Shipping Week
Lisbon 19.09.2018
CleanSeaNet User Group 17
Lisbon 28.06.2018

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