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Workshop materials & reports

Workshop materials & reports
Title Place Date Documents Reports
Workshop on oil fingerprinting and the work of OSINet
Lisbon 02.03.2016
SAFEMED III Workshop to address ISPS Code and Institutional capacity
Lisbon 15.12.2015
Anomaly Detection Systems and Automated Behaviour Monitoring (ABM) workshop
Lisbon 02.12.2015
TRACECA II Seminar on enforcement of prohibition of ship-source pollution
Lisbon 24.11.2015
3rd Ship Recycling Workshop
Lisbon 19.11.2015
Workshop on new THETIS module in support of the PRF Directive
Lisbon 17.11.2015
TRACECA II core skills course for marine accident investigators
Lisbon 09.11.2015
SAFEMED III Training for Flag State Inspectors
Lisbon 03.11.2015
13th Mediterranean MARES Expert Working Group Meeting
Rome 17.11.2015
ESA-EMSA Workshop 'Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems for maritime surveillance'
Lisbon 28.10.2015
IMDatE User Consultation Meeting #6
Lisbon 15.10.2015
12th LRIT NCA meeting
Lisbon 14.10.2015
Emission Abatement Methods (EAMs)
Lisbon 14.10.2015
SAFEMED III – Training for SAFEMED Integrated Service operators
Tanger Med (Morocco) 12.10.2015
SAFEMED III - Seminar on delegation of tasks, monitoring and auditing Recognised Security Organisations
Lisbon 01.10.2015
SSN Workshop 24
Lisbon 14.10.2015
5th North Atlantic Expert Working Group meeting
Oslo, Norway 03.09.2015
2nd Table Top Exercise on Places of Refuge
Malta 01.09.2015
SAFEMED III Training on STCW Convention
Lisbon 31.08.2015
Training for DLP and Rulecheck national administrators
Lisbon 23.07.2015

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