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Workshop materials & reports

Workshop materials & reports
Title Place Date Reports Documents
SSN Incident Report Working Group - 4th Meeting
Lisbon 29.02.2012
IMDatE User Consultation Meeting #1
Lisbon 28.02.2012
5th LRIT NCA meeting
Lisbon 19.01.2012
SSN Workshop 16
Lisbon 18.10.2011
2nd Ship Recycling Workshop
Lisbon 27.06.2011
SSN IFCD Drafting Working Group - 3rd Meeting
Lisbon 07.06.2011
SSN Incident Report Working Group - 3rd Meeting
Lisbon 08.06.2011
3rd North Atlantic Expert Working Group meeting
SSN Workshop 15
Lisbon 04.05.2011
4th LRIT NCA meeting
Lisbon 03.05.2011
EMSA workshop on Port Reception Facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues
Lisbon 13.04.2011
SSN Training for Operators on SSN version 2
Malta 15.03.2011
SSN IFCD Drafting Working Group - 2nd Meeting report
Lisbon 02.03.2011
SSN Incident Report Working Group - 2nd Meeting
Lisbon 14.12.2010
Enhancing the effectiveness of the law enforcement chain in combating illegal discharges
Lisbon 15.02.2011
SSN IFCD Drafting Working Group - 1st Meeting
Lisbon 15.12.2010
2nd Ballast Water Sampling and the development of a Joint European Ballast Water Sampling Strategy
Lisbon 23.01.2011
2nd Joint Workshop DG ECHO-EMSA on Coordinated at-sea and shoreline pollution response
Brussels 09.12.2010
9th Mediterranean Expert Working Group Meeting
Rome 02.12.2010
SSN Workshop 14
Lisbon 19.11.2010

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