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Workshop materials & reports

Workshop materials & reports
Title Place Date Documents Reports
SSN Operations Working Group (WGO) - 2nd Meeting
Rome 23.04.2009
Technical Cooperation meetings EU/Russian Federation
Saint Petersburg (23-24/07/2008)
Malmoe (11-12/03/2009)
SSN Working Group on Future Developments (WGT) - 1st Meeting
The Hague 18.02.2009
7th Mediterranean Expert Working Group Meeting
Rome 28.01.2009
SSN Operations Working Group (WGO) - 1st Meeting
Paris 23.01.2009
4th LRIT Expert Group Meeting
Lisbon 11.12.2008
Implementing the Ballast Water Management Convention – the EU dimension
Lisbon 10.11.2008
3rd Workshop on the STCW Information System
Lisbon 24.10.2008
3rd LRIT Expert Group Meeting
Lisbon 23.10.2008
SSN Workshop 10
Lisbon 21.10.2008
Expert group meeting to update DIR.98/18/EC on safety rules & standards for passenger ships
Lisbon 27.05.2008
2nd LRIT Expert Group Meeting
Lisbon 22.05.2008
SSN Workshop 09
Lisbon 21.05.2008
2nd Dispersants Workshop: "Towards a harmonised approach in dipsersant usage in the EU"
Lisbon 19.05.2008
6th Mediterranean Expert Working Group Meeting
Rome 06.03.2008
1st LRIT Expert Group Meeting
Lisbon 25.02.2008
AIS Master Plan Workshop
Lisbon 22.01.2008
Report: EMSA Workshop on handling of Cargo Residues
Lisbon 07.12.2007
Preparedness and Response to Marine Pollution involving Hazardous and Noxious Substances (HNS)
Lisbon 21.11.2007
SSN Workshop 08
Lisbon 24.10.2007

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