Transparent decision-making


We publish decisions of our governing body (our Administrative Board) on our website after its meetings conclude. The Administrative Board meets three times a year – in the spring, the summer and the autumn. We also publish minutes of the meetings.

Decisions and minutes of EMSA’s Administrative Board

Rules of procedure of our Administrative Board

One of the tasks of the Administrative Board is to adopt EMSA's Single Programming Document, covering a three-year period, and within its competence in the framework of the budgetary procedure, the budget, and the establishment plan (human resources). When the Single Programming Document (the SPD) is approved by the Administrative Board in its autumn meeting, it is published on our website.

The Administrative Board also adopts and assesses the Consolidated Annual Activity Report of the Agency, as requested by the Financial Regulation, on the achievement of objectives and performance output relating to the principles of cost-effectiveness, efficiency and sound financial management. We also publish the Consolidated Annual Activity Report on our website once it’s adopted.

In addition, we publish a simplified, user-friendly version of both the Single Programming Document (the EMSA Outlook) and the Consolidated Annual Activity Report (the EMSA Annual Report) every year, shortly after the adoption of both source documents.


Access the Single Programming Document, the Consolidated Annual Activity Report, the EMSA Outlook and the EMSA Annual Report

The Administrative Board also approves the five-year strategy of the Agency. This document decides the roadmap for each five-year period, detailing EMSA’s main aims, objectives, and milestones.

Access the five-year strategy of EMSA

We also cooperate with other EU agencies and bodies, primarily to avoid duplication of work and foster synergies in relevant fields of activity.

See our operational agreements

We publish our financial statements and reports for each financial year, giving a detailed breakdown of our expenditure across all our activities

Access our financial statements

Our founding regulation requires that EMSA’s tasks as they relate to the implementation of the regulation are assessed at regular intervals.

Access the external assessment of EMSA

We make a wide range of workshop materials and presentations available after events and seminars, so everyone can see our work, and that of our stakeholders when they contribute to our projects.

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