2022: Digitalisation and simplification


Digitalisation is a core area of activity for us here in EMSA. As part of our activities, we support the development and deployment of EU-wide digital maritime solutions.

In 2022, our integrated maritime services grew and developed, with a significant increase in individual users and organisations. At the same time, we released new version of the IMS app, adding new functionalities for users.

Throughout the year we upgraded and improved the THETIS portfolio, and we launched an animal welfare module within THETIS-EU, to allow for reporting and information sharing on livestock vessels.

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In terms of simplification, the new SafeSeaNet version 5 was launched in early 2022, supporting new forms of information exchange.

The interoperability project closed, delivering concrete results across a number of areas.

And throughout 2022, we continued to provide our integrated maritime services to EU Agencies, missions, and international organisations. This was done through a series of agreements and working arrangements.

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2022 was an important year for our Maritime Support Services centre, or MSS. Throughout the year, MSS continued to give 24-hour support to users and coordinated 29 activations of EMSA’s Contingency Plan, across emergencies at sea that included responses to pollution incidents, search and rescue, and locating lost containers.

In addition, the MSS also produced regular reports for the European Commission and the Member States on the Ukraine crisis, to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the impact on the maritime domain.

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