IPA III - Sustainability

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Like all human activities, maritime transport has an impact on the environment. Despite being essential for the proper functioning of the global supply chain, it can also cause greenhouse gas emissions, the discharge of pollutants into the atmosphere and the sea water, underwater noise, accidents with potentially detrimental consequences for the environment, and biodiversity loss. Pollution prevention and pollution response are the two pillars of environmental protection and are fundamental for very sensitive and fragile areas like the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Moreover, the European Green Deal requires ambitious changes in transport to contribute to the ambitious objective of carbon neutrality for Europe by 2050. Through IPA, technical assistance and support to concrete actions can be provided to narrow the gap.

IPA III will promote sustainability among the candidate countries forming part of the project through a range of actions:

  • support to transpose the EU marine environmental legislation into the beneficiaries’ national legislation;
  • technical Assistance to implement EU marine environmental legislation into the beneficiaries’ national legislation;
  • studies and other technical support (on Port reception Facilities, Sea Traffic Management, LNG bunkering facilities etc.)
  • (continued and enhanced) provision of EMSA services ( CleanSeaNet, MAR-ICE, MAR-CIS)
  • provision of training to ships’ environmental inspectors and participation in technical meetings organised for the EU Member States;
  • exercise with the participation of EMSA’s vessels and national pollution response means.

IPA III - Surveillance Actions