IPA III - Simplification

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Digitalisation is one of the main priorities of the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy and it is an indispensable driver for the modernisation of maritime transport. Administrative burden, scarce digitalisation, absence of data records and lack of structured and clear division of responsibilities are common issues that may hamper the effectiveness and efficiency of maritime administrations. At the EU level, the Commission and EMSA are working closely to ensure the reduction of the administrative burden for maritime administrations and aim at simplification for shipping by supporting EU-wide digital maritime solutions.

One of the major initiatives undertaken is the European Maritime Single Window Environment (EMSWe), which aims at advancing simplification, harmonisation and rationalisation of reporting formalities. In addition, the Agency is supporting the transition towards paperless information exchange and e-Certification which should further simplify the work of the Member States, especially in their capacity as flag and port States.

The Action aims at introducing, as far as feasible, the same simplification and digitalisation initiatives for the beneficiaries by exploring and promoting the possibility of developing a “Single Window” solution for IPA countries.    

EMSA is also exploring the possibility of advancing the digitalisation of the beneficiaries’ national registries of seafarers and facilitate the issue and management of e-certificates, taking into consideration the ongoing development of a European Seafarers’ Certification Platform for EU Member States.  

 Therefore, to contribute to the improved digitalisation of the beneficiaries’ maritime administrations, EMSA under the IPA III project will carry out the following actions:

  • provision of studies on Maritime Single Window and Sea Traffic Management if relevant to identify way forward to develop digitalisation of the maritime administrations;
  • possible development of a maritime single window prototype and its provision to the project’s beneficiaries;
  • digitalisation of seafarers’ certificates;
  • access to the existing Dynamic Overview of the National Administrations tool – DONA;