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Approximately 90% of world trade is transported by ship, with the maritime transport sector acting as a vital facilitator of the global economy. Consequently, the shipping industry is at the forefront of the global supply chain, and a driving force for multiple sectors of the economy, such as trade, tourism, fisheries. It is also a vital service provider with a prominent social dimension as it connects people and regions, and is a resilient sector, offering employment and opportunities to millions of people.

However, the detailed profile of EU Shipping has never before been consolidated or presented to the general public and relevant stakeholders in an easily accessible and user-friendly way.

As a result, the European Maritime Safety Agency has developed the EU Maritime Profile, a one-stop-shop providing relevant and up-to-date statistics highlighting the details and importance of individual sectors and domains within the maritime transport sector in the EU.

Data used here is extracted from EMSA’s own databases as well as from information from external sources. All data sources are attributed in the charts, with links added where relevant. Any questions about the data in this section, or the EU Maritime Profile itself, can be sent to

The EU Maritime Profile will be regularly updated with new data and analytics as they become available.

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