Marine Equipment


High quality marine equipment is vital in ensuring the overall safety of a ship, the cargo it carries, and its passengers, as well as the protection of the environment that surrounds it. Marine equipment saves lives in the event of an emergency, and as such, must comply with stringent quality standards here in the EU.

MED Portal

The MED Portal, managed by EMSA, contains all approved marine equipment products that can be carried on board EU Member State-flagged ships, and those of Iceland and Norway, in compliance with the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU.

The MED Portal contains details of more than 200 000 marine equipment items and has over 7 000 users worldwide. In desktop and mobile version, it allows you to quickly and reliably check the validity of certificates of marine equipment on the EU market, in compliance with the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU.

Access the MED Portal (desktop)

MED e-tag

The MED e-tag system allows manufacturers to link their certified equipment directly with the mobile version of the MED portal.

A Data Matrix code on certified products, when scanned, opens directly in the MED mobile app, allowing any product to be verified quickly and easily, in a matter of seconds.

Download the MED Mobile app to your phone:



Manufacturers and the MED e-tag

The MED e-tag makes identifying certified marine equipment easier than ever. Products are digitally readable and visible, meaning it is simpler and quicker to identify them.

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