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SAFEMED IV bilateral meeting for the development of THETIS-Med

On the 11 December, EMSA representatives were hosted by the Merchant Marine Directorate of the Kingdom of Morocco to discuss the development of new information system for the Mediterranean Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control: THETIS-Med. The Secretariat, CIMED and a representative of the EU Delegation in Rabat also participated to the meeting.

    • EMSA presented the latest plan for THETIS-Med and covered all technical aspects, including training, the role of the regional administrator, a timeline and future milestones. All pending issues were thoroughly addressed and agreed upon by the participants to the meeting.
    • In the afternoon, a preliminary discussion amongst the members of the Steering Committee for THETIS-Med took place. The meeting was necessary in order to agree upon an initial agenda for the committee.The discussion was deemed fruitful by all participants and would enable further cooperation between SAFEMED IV, CIMED and the Merchant Marine Directorate.






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