SAFEMED IV meets with the Med MoU Secretariat

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In the context of the EU funded SAFEMED IV project, EMSA met with the Med MoU Secretariat on 21 March 2018. The objective of the meeting was to determine specifications for further development and enhancement of the Med MoU information system, namely MEDSIS. This is in line with the Action Plan of SAFEMED IV which envisage the “Alignment of MEDSIS to Med MoU procedures”. Moreover, additional areas of cooperation in the framework of Port State Control were also identified.


The Med MoU Secretariat provided a thorough overview of the MEDSIS. Similarly, EMSA’s Ship Inspection Support team delivered a presentation of THETIS so to identify similarities between the two systems.

The meeting was deemed fruitful by the Med MoU Secretariat. Further technical meetings to fully determine the development and implementation needs are envisioned to take place in the forthcoming months.

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