MCGFF Plenary Conference 2019



On 12th and 13th June 2019, the Mediterranean Coast Guard Function Forum Secretariat organised the Plenary Conference on the topics of Oil Spill Response, Maritime Surveillance, Illegal Immigration and Cooperation for the control of fishing in the Mediterranean Sea in Casablanca with the support of the MCGFF Secretariat Members (France and Morocco) and representatives of DG MARE, EFCA and Frontex.


The main achievements and conclusions are as follows:
- The definition of options to develop maritime security awareness mechanisms build upon the Mediterranean Sea experiences and European initiatives on the exchange of maritime information ;
- The promotion of cooperation, dialogue and training activities in the region;
- The study of the possibility of sharing maritime information with other countries;
- The opportunity offered to all MCGFF States to participate in the "30 Days at Sea" operation through the sharing of national experiences acquired in the operational activities against marine pollution


During the plenary it was agreed that a days interagency workshop with the support of EMSA, FRONTEX and EFCA will occur in the 1st Semester of 2020. The workshop will have 4 key topics:
- Maritime Surveillance on Maritime Safety
- Marine Environment Protection and Cooperation on Pollution Response
- Maritime Surveillance
- Illegal Fishing

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