Training on Port State Control tools and services delivered in Algeria

EY IMSAS training

Training on THETIS-Med and related EMSA tools and services was delivered for the Algerian maritime administration at the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure Maritime” in Bou Ismaïl on 9-11 May.

The objective of the training was to familiarise the participants with the THETIS-Med ship inspection information system and to demonstrate the use of related EMSA tools and services, including the Jasper business intelligence tool, the RuleCheck repository of maritime legislation, and the MaKCs e-learning platform.

Participants included port state control (PSC) officers as well as national data administrators who all benefitted from the practical exercises carried out on the THETIS-Med training platform and the demonstration of how EMSA tools and services can enhance PSC activities.

Since PSC is the second line of defence against sub-standard shipping as well as an indication of the performance of individual flag States, it remains high on EMSA’s list of technical assistance priorities.

  • Bou Ismaïl, Algeria
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