CleanSeaNet Training for Duty Officers using SEG, September 2018

Within the framework of the project “Preparatory measures for the participation of Enlargement countries in EMSA’s work”, EMSA invited representatives from Albania, Montenegro and Turkey to attend a CleanSeaNet training sessions, organised for the EU/EFTA Member States.


The 1.5-day training on the CleanSeaNet was run on the new EMSA application interface: the SEG (SafeSeaNet Ecosystem GUI), and was held at EMSA’s premises in Lisbon. It was directed towards operational users of the CleanSeaNet service, such as duty officers working in MRCC’s, pollution response services and maritime authorities. The main objective of the course was to enable participants to use CleanSeaNet for polluter identification and response. Participants were required to do hands-on exercises, address case studies using the new user interface, and share their knowledge and experience with the other participants.


CleanSeaNet is the European Union’s satellite based oil spill monitoring service and has been operated by EMSA since 2007. The Service is available to all Participating States including EU Member States, EFTA Member States and beneficiary countries within the support programmes EMSA is executing (Enlargement countries, SAFEMED IV etc.). Within the support programmes, Turkey is a CleanSeaNet Participating State since 2011, Montenegro since 2013 and Albania since 2016.

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