Key aspects of MAR-CIS

MAR-CIS information sheets have been developed for 213 chemical substances. The data for each substance can be easily viewed and exported by the database user.

The main information categories covered in MAR-CIS include:
• Substance identification; substance physical and chemical properties
• Shipping information (maritime transportation codes, GESAMP profile)
• Hazards and risks
• Emergency measures

The MAR-CIS information sheets have been provided to the relevant national competent authorities.
In the near future, access to MAR-CIS will also be possible through:

• A dedicated MAR-CIS web portal
• A MAR-CIS application for mobile devices
• EMSA’s Central Hazmat Database (CHD), containing a list of dangerous or polluting goods that have to be notified in the European Union’s maritime information and exchange system (SafeSeaNet) and relevant details from the applicable International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Conventions and Codes.

The MAR-CIS information sheets aim to facilitate rapid access to specialist product-specific information on chemicals and they complement existing information sources at national or regional level.