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Framework Contract for the provision of near-shore oil pollution response equipment - Corrigendum

Corrigendum 27.04.2021: The following modifications have been made: Lot 1 was renamed as Near-Shore Oil Pollution Response Working Boat in Tender Specifications points 2.1, 2.2, 2.4.1, 2.4.2, 4, 16 and in Enclosure 1. The reference to Directive 97/68/EC was deleted in points 1.3.4 and 3 of Enclosure 1. Lot 2 was renamed as Solid Flotation Boom in Tender Specifications point 2.1 and in Enclosure 2. The reference to the curtain boom was deleted in point 1.2.2 of Enclosure 2.

The scope of the framework contract is to supply near-shore equipment to EU Member States and EFTA Countries

The equipment shall be delivered by the suppliers in one of the European Union or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries identified by EMSA within each specific contract. The supply of equipment shall include transportation, commissioning of the equipment and on-site training services.

This open procedure is divided into three lots for the provision of different categories of equipment to be purchased in accordance with the maximum ceilings as per table below:


Equipment category

Reference in the tender documentation

Maximum ceiling


Autonomous Oil Pollution Response Platform

Enclosure 1

EUR 3,400,000


Fence Solid Flotation Boom

Enclosure 2

EUR 350,000


Floating Temporary Oil Storage Barge

Enclosure 3

EUR 800,000