Third CISE Test Campaign successfully concluded

On 22 June 2022, the CISE stakeholders from Italy, Spain, Greece and EMSA successfully accomplished another Test Campaign assessing the technical capabilities of the CISE pre-operational network and the recently deployed CISE Node version 2.

The Test Campaigns are periodic joint exercises organised by EMSA in which the CISE stakeholders assess the technical capabilities of the CISE network based on a set of test cases. The first two Test Campaigns were performed in 2020 using the CISE Node version 1. This time the campaign aimed at assessing the technical capability to exchange information through the CISE Node version 2.

During the Third Test Campaign the participating stakeholders used their legacy systems (or simulators when necessary) and adaptors to share several types of services, i.e., vessel, anomaly, location document, incident, maritime safety incident, event document and risk. These exercises allowed to review the connectivity between the nodes and the availability of legacy systems and CISE services. In addition, the node administrators could become familiar with the CISE building blocks (node and adaptors) and their features.

Along with the Test Campaign, EMSA conducted a first test of the audit methodology supporting the Responsibility to Share (RTS) principle. This methodology, which is under development, will help to enhance the sharing of information within the CISE network during the operational phase of CISE. During the Test Campaign particular focus was placed on the collection of quantitative data and on the tools put forward by the methodology.

As an overall outcome, the Third Test Campaign confirmed a good level of integration of the participants’ nodes within the CISE network. It also demonstrated that the core and common functionalities in the CISE Node version 2 are working properly and that the connectivity between the nodes is stable. A significant improvement was also observed regarding the usability of the system. The exercise also provided an opportunity to identify some minor issues and to define appropriate measures to address them.  

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