CISE stakeholders brainstorm about the new CISE Service Catalogue

On 14 March 2024, EMSA organised an informal workshop inviting the CISE stakeholders to work together on the new version of the CISE Service Catalogue. The Catalogue aims to provide a more comprehensive picture about the information and services available to be exchanged within the CISE network.


The workshop brought together a number of maritime authorities’ representatives with considerable experience in implementing CISE from technical, operational, and managerial angles. They discussed how to structure the Catalogue, what type of contents should be included, and what the best approach is to keep the Catalogue updated and accessible to the CISE stakeholders at any point in time.

The ultimate goal of this exercise is to ensure that maritime authorities using CISE can stay updated about the information available in the network and can keep each other informed about which information others expect them to provide. Moreover, the new Catalogue should serve the Stakeholders both for planning and the execution of their operational activities as well as for the technical development of CISE in the authorities’ systems.

In the following steps, based on the conclusions drawn up during the workshop, the new Service Catalogue will be drafted and further consulted with the CISE Stakeholders.


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