EMSA holds another training for the CISE Node Administrators

The 6th Node Administrator training was held on 27 and 28 February 2024 at EMSA premises.  Fourteen experts representing maritime authorities from France, Germany, Greece, Malta and Spain, and from two European Agencies SATCEN and EFCA received a two-day long training on the management of the CISE Node.


The CISE Node is an essential component that connects maritime authorities’ surveillance systems with the CISE Network, thus it is important to provide trainings to the stakeholders’ ICT specialists responsible for its administration. This time, the training focused on more advanced content and exercises intended for current users with knowledge and experience in the management of the Node.

The participants learnt about the last version of the CISE Node. They were introduced to the new features in the administrator console and to the management procedures, including the incident handling procedures. Through a dedicated test environment, they practiced how to connect a new adaptor to the CISE Node, using a secure connection and to test the information exchange.

The “in-person” format of the training fostered active participation in a set of exercises and encouraged the trainees to ask all the possible questions. It also provided an opportunity to brainstorm on how to enhance the content of the trainings in the new Operational Phase of CISE. At the end of the training, the participants were encouraged to continue exercises in the test environment that was made available for them online.

The next training is planned to be held in Autumn 2024.


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