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Quality Policy

Acting in full compliance with all relevant statutory laws and regulations, EMSA management affirms its commitment to develop, implement and promote a quality culture aiming to fulfil the stakeholders’ requirements and expectations.

This Quality Policy provides the framework for establishing the EMSA V&I QMS, its quality objectives and processes, the implementation of regular monitoring and review of the effectiveness of the system for the purpose of continual improvement. Following a coherent Plan-Do-Check-Act management cycle, the V&I QMS is integrated and aligned with other key management strategies and tools, such as the Agency multi-annual strategy and the single programming document, budgetary and financial management, risk management policy, public procurement rules, internal control standards and human resources management.

V&I QMS is developed in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Standard and uses external certification as a complementing verification tool in addition to the internal monitoring and reviewing mechanisms.

The main quality objectives of the V&I QMS are:

  • The execution of V&I activities with high quality to ensure the delivery of reliable information on the effectiveness of law implementation measures taken by the inspected States and/or organisations;
  • Supporting the EC and the Member States to harmonize and improve the implementation of EU maritime laws and regulations by objective, evidence-based visits and inspections and by providing professional opinion on the proposed corrective action plans;
  • Establishing a framework for formal review of our V&I performance for the purpose of continual improvement;
  • Certify and maintain the certification of the V&I QMS as prove of applying quality management principles for our visits and inspections activities.
  • These QMS objectives are complemented by process specific objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used to measure and monitor the performance on a quarterly basis. Regular monitoring and reporting is complemented by annually, or when-ever needed, management review process to ensure the effectiveness and adequacy of the system.

Necessary resources and facilities, including proper knowledge, training, communication means and suitable working environment, are made available to support the effective implementation of the QMS at all levels of the organisation. Taking the leadership of V&I QMS, the ED and the HoD B are the driving force for ensuring the effective implementation through personal commitment and involvement, regular auditing and reviewing of processes; building staff motivation through delegation; ensuring stakeholders’ active involvement in defining and evaluating V&I services and ultimately taking the responsibility for releasing the outcome (the reports) of the visits and inspections.

Achieving this policy and objectives requires involvement of all staff members who are individually responsible for the quality of their work and for promoting a culture of continual improvement working environment.

This policy was communicated to the stakeholders and is publicly available on the Agency website. The policy will be reviewed annually or whenever needed to ensure alignment with the work programme and associated objectives.

Executive Director