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Latest News

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Newsletter January 2020


In this issue : EMSA adopts new agency structure reflecting priorities of latest 5-year strategy; Traffic density maps for a better understanding of maritime traffic; EMSA holds maritime safety capacity building...

Copernicus Maritime Surveillance - Product Catalogue


The Copernicus Maritime Surveillance (CMS) service, implemented by EMSA, provides earth observation satellite images to support a better understanding and improved monitoring of activities at sea. The service is available...

Traffic Density Maps for a better understanding of maritime traffic


Today EMSA is proud to announce the release by EMODnet of our Traffic Density Maps which offer a simple and effective way of displaying ship movement patterns, thereby contributing to...

CleanSeaNet Service - Detecting Marine Pollution from Space


CleanSeaNet is the European satellite-based oil spill monitoring and vessel detection service.

Sulphur Inspection Guidance


This document is intended to provide guidance for a harmonised approach to the inspection of ships, ascertaining their compliance, identifying non-compliances and applying control procedures for the enforcement of Directive...

Best Practices on CISE shared at workshop in EMSA


The first Best Practices Workshop under the Transitional Phase of CISE (Common Information Sharing Environment) was held at EMSA premises on 11 December 2019.   The main aim of this first workshop...

WMU and EMSA cooperate on capacity building and research


The World Maritime University (WMU) and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) have signed a Cooperation Agreement on matters of capacity building and research with particular emphasis on the design...

Newsletter December 2019


In this issue: EMSA unveils new 5-Year Strategy to take effect from January 2020; Autonomous shipping: Following the changing landscape & offering technical support to member states; Cybersecurity in the...