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Latest News

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CISE Best Practice Workshop to be held on 11 December 2019 in Lisbon


One of the activities during the transitional phase of CISE, is to facilitate the sharing of best practices among the CISE stakeholders. For that purpose, a workshop is arranged to...



Traineeship notice Spring 2020

EMSA participates in POLEX 2019 pollution response exercise in Spain


On 19-20 November EMSA is participating in a pollution response exercise in Malaga, Spain which will test the national maritime contingency plan, and subsequent coordination among the local, regional, national...

Newsletter November 2019


In this issue: Just published: annual overview of marine casualties and incidents 2019; Training up German officers in the use of EMSA’s maritime security reporting tool; Taking stock of past...

Annual Overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents 2019


The Annual Overview of Marine Casualties and Incidents consists in a high-level analysis of accidents reported by the EU Member States in European Marine Casualty Information Platform (EMCIP).  

Guidance on inspections of ships by the port States in accordance with Regulation (EU) 1257/2013 on …


The aim of this EMSA guidance is to assist the Member States and their designated inspectors in their efforts to fulfil the requirements of SRR and PSC Directive, in relation...

Stress test assesses large-scale oil spill European response capabilities in the Atlantic


Several European country representatives and EMSA and French experts joined together this week, from 2 to 4 October, at the French Maritime Prefecture for the Atlantic to engage in a...

Newsletter October 2019


In this issue: Ship-to-shore reporting – simplifying the work of ship and coastal station operators; Common Information Sharing Environment – transitioning to the operational phase; Ensuring the safe operation of...