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SEG Video Tutorials

The main features of the SEG are described in a series of short video tutorials.

More video tutorials shall be published according to user training needs.

What is new in SEG?

New TTT Functionalities*


*new in SEG 1.11

Preset Mode*


*new in SEG 1.11

TTT to create vessel favourites*


*new in SEG 1.11

How to build a list*


*new in SEG 1.11

SEG General Layout



Client Preferences


Layers Management


Querying Vessels Tracks


SafeSeaNet Information

CleanSeaNet in the SEG

Places of Refuge in SEG

How to create a POLREP

SEG for fisheries control and IUU

CleanSeaNet - Create Oill Spill Feedbacks

CleanSeaNet - Visualise Oill Spill Feedbacks

Vessel Detection and Vessel Traffic Information



Search for Earth Observation data



Visualise Vessel Detection from Earth Observation