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SAFEMED IV Project – Training on core skills for Accident Investigators on live broadcasting mode 25-29 October 2021

Training on Core Skills for Accident Investigators

The core skill course for Accident Investigators within the context of the SAFEMED IV project was held online from 25 to 29 October 2021. 16 participants from Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon and Tunisia attended the course.

The course introduced all relevant stages in the process of conducting a marine casualty safety investigation as well as the relevant principles and tools to support the assessment of an accident site as well as the collection of physical evidence, the conduct of witness interviewing, analysis of human factors and underlying conditions, safety recommendations and follow up and dealing with investigation reports. The course also introduced to the investigators how they should handle the Media during the investigation.

The training event was carried out by lectures with case studies and practical examples which stimulated the interaction with the participants. The objective of the training session was to equip with the investigators with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively investigate marine accidents in accordance with European Directive 2009/18/EC which establishes the fundamental principles governing the investigation of accidents in the maritime transport sector and the IMO’s Casualty Investigation Code.

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