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Automatic Detection and Alert Triggering of Ship Behaviour [leaflet]

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The MAR-CIS information sheets provide in a concise way substance-specific and maritime relevant information on chemicals aimingto assist the competent authorities during the initial stage of the response to maritime incidents involving such substances.

Using automated behaviour monitoring algorithms to give EMSA's Integrated Maritime Service users an enhanced situational picture.

Discover how EMSA’s Automated Behaviour Monitoring algorithms can detect certain patterns of ship behaviour for multiple purposes: maritime safety, maritime security, border protection, and fisheries control.

SafeSeaNet Ecosystem GUI

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The SafeSeaNet Ecosystem Graphical User Interface (SEG) is the common web interface providing access to EMSA's maritime applications and data sets including SSN, IMS, LRIT and CSN.

Maritime Support Services

About the MSS
The Maritime Support Services Operations Centre is at the heart of EMSA’s maritime monitoring and information activities.