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Lazaros Aichmalotidis - Head of Department 3 'Digital Services & Simplification' (f.f.)

l bal-biopicLazaros Aichmalotidis 
Head of Department 3 'Digital Services & Simplification'

Lazaros Aichmalotidis is an electrical engineer by education specialised in Information Technologies (IT) and Communications. After receiving his diploma from the National Technical University of Athens he worked as a professor at the maritime academy and then joined the Hellenic Coast Guard (HCG) in 1987. As an engineer officer of the HCG he held different positions and gained experience in the fields of maritime safety (port and flag state), safety of navigation (including SAR) as well as in IT and innovative technologies. He participated in a range of international forums at the EU, UN, IMO and IALA.

He started working for EMSA in 2004 as a senior project officer and has been involved as Head of Unit in developing projects such as SafeSeaNet, CleanSeaNet, the EU LRIT Data Centre and the European Maritime Single Window (EMSW). As from 1 January 2020, he is acting Head of Department 3 “Digital Services & Simplification”.