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Markku Mylly - Executive Director

l biopic-director-1Markku Mylly
Executive Director
Mr. Mylly started his maritime career in the Finnish Merchant Shipping 1973. He attended Rauma Maritime College of the Satakunta University of Applied Science, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in maritime studies and qualifying as an Officer and Master Mariner in 1980. He sailed on Finnish ships until 1987 when he joined the Finnish Maritime Administration (FMA).

Mr Mylly held various positions in the FMA between 1987 and 2010. He was appointed Director General of FMA in April 2004. He served in this position until the end of 2009 when a merger of Finnish transport agencies took place. Mr Mylly was the tenth and last Director General in the FMA.

Mr Mylly also gained significant experience in EU cooperation projects in various European countries.
He was responsible manager in several EU twinning projects assisting beneficiary countries to develop modern and efficient administrations in maritime sector. He acted as project leader in a number of projects in Bulgaria, Croatia and Estonia.

Mr Mylly was appointed as CEO and Managing Director of Finnish Port Association in 2010 and he served in this position until he was nominated to the position of Executive Director of The European Maritime Safety Agency in 2012.