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Jordan: Bilateral Meeting


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As part of the EU funded SAFEMED IV project, EMSA met with the representatives of the Jordan Maritime Commission (JMC) and the Jordan Environmental Commission (JEC) on the 9 October 2018 in Aqaba, Jordan. The objective of the meeting was to discuss further collaboration and enhanced bilateral activities in the field of environmental protection and pollution response. As a result, a series of bilateral activities were proposed in the action plan and discussed in the plenary of the SAFEMED IV 2nd Steering Committee on the 10 of October 2018. Among these activities, JEC and JMC proposed the establishment of an online marine system for monitoring the quality of water in the port of Aqaba. Moreover, an activity for developing a set of harmonised standards for the quality of waters in the gulf of Aqaba was also explored. The meeting was deemed fruitful by all parties involved.

  • Aqaba, Jordan
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