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Previous Vacancies

AST & AD= Temporary Agents SNE = Seconded National Expert
CA   = Contract Agents NEPT = National Experts on Professional Training
TRA = Traineeships PERM = Permanent Position
Description Published Deadline
EMSA/SNE/2011/02 Maritime Support Services Operator with IT Background 24.06.2011 25.08.2011
EMSA/AD/2011/03 Senior Project Officer in the field of International Relations 21.06.2011 22.07.2011

ICT Service Desk Assistant

16.05.2011 18.06.2011

Traineeship Notice

03.05.2011 15.06.2011

Head of Department A, Corporate Services

18.04.2011 18.05.2011

Project Officer for Environmental Protection

04.04.2011 29.04.2011

IT Software Developer

28.03.2011 20.04.2011
EMSA/SNE/2011/01 Project Officer for Accident Investigation 22.03.2011 20.04.2011
Period 2003-2010

EMSA Vacancies: Call for Applications (period 2003-2010)


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