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Service Contracts for Stand-by Oil Spill Recovery Vessels - Important! read "Corrigendum" published 26.03.2020


Please note that due to the situation with the COVID-19 the way of submission of requests to participate has been changed from paper to electronic.

Please download the zip file below containing the following documents:

-Invitation to submit a request to participate (corrected);
-Enclosure R.2 – Checklist (corrected);
-Appendix I – Submission of encrypted tenders by email.

The Agency provides additional response capacity to that of the pollution response mechanisms of EU Member States through contractual arrangements with private or public companies/consortia. Such companies/consortia can be drawn from any relevant industry including shipowners/operators and the spill response service providers.

The contracted vessels would undertake normal commercial activities and, at request, be transformed and mobilised at short notice for at-sea oil recovery services during an (major) oil spill.

This procurement procedure for stand-by oil spill recovery vessels will cover the following areas:

-       Central Mediterranean Sea

-       Southern Atlantic coast

-       West Mediterranean Sea

More details about this procurement procedure can be found in documents that can be downloaded in the zip file below.

The relevant Contract Notice for this procedure (reference 2020/S 057-134679) as published in the Official Journal of the European Union can be found in the following link: