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Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE)

Cise logo final muteThe Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE) is an EU initiative which aims to make European and EU/EEA Member States surveillance systems interoperable to give all concerned authorities from different sectors access to the classified and unclassified information they need to conduct missions at sea.

Enhancing information exchange between maritime surveillance authorities is one of the key strategic objectives of the Union. Member State authorities carry out many different operational surveillance tasks, in various fields such as maritime safety, security and prevention of pollution by ships, fisheries control, marine pollution preparedness and response, marine environment, customs, border control, general law enforcement and defence.

CISE is an initiative uniquely designed to meet these needs and has the following main characteristics:

  • CISE is a voluntary collaborative process in the EU seeking to further enhance and promote relevant information exchange between authorities involved in maritime surveillance;
  • CISE is promoting a decentralised framework for these exchanges;
  • CISE should bring added value and complementarity to existing maritime data systems, services and sharing processes, while avoiding duplication. It should be seen as part of a more comprehensive information and exchange framework across the EU and its implementation should work towards coherence with this framework;
  • CISE should neither have an impact on the administrative structures of the Member States, nor on the existing EU legislation.

The development of CISE was proposed in 2009 and has been refined and developed since then. Following interoperability projects such as BlueMassMed, MARSUNO and CoopP, the project “European testbed for the maritime Common Information Sharing Environment in the 2020 perspective” (EUCISE2020) was launched in 2014. EUCISE2020 developed a pre-operational network for information exchanged to pave the way for a fully operational CISE. The project was concluded in March 2019.

As from April 2019, EMSA is engaged in the setting up and enabling, in close coordination with the Member States, the Transitional Phase, ensuring a coherent evolution of the CISE network and to achieve an operational CISE.