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Training - EMSA’s operational maritime applications and tools

Training -  EMSA’s operational maritime applications and tools

Operational trainings on maritime applications address SafeSeaNet (SSN), the Long Range Identification and Tracking Co-operative Data Centre (EU LRIT CDC), Integrated Maritime Services (IMS), Automated Behaviour Monitoring (ABM) tools; CleanSeaNet (CSN), Copernicus Maritime Surveillance (CMS); Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Data Centre (RPAS DC); Operational trainings are offered to all EMSA beneficiaries (EU MSs, Norway, Iceland, FRONTEX, EFCA, EUNAFOR, EUROPOL, etc.)

Operational trainings on Marine Pollution Preparedness and Response are offered to EU MSs.

All operational trainings are offered on the basis of an annual calendar approved by the EMSA Administrative Board

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