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Information System to Support Regulation (EU) 2015/57 - THETIS MRV

EMSA has developed a new module in THETIS, namely THETIS-MRV, enabling companies responsible for the operation of large ships using EU ports to report their CO2 emissions under the Regulation (EU) 2015/757 on Monitoring, Reporting and Verification of CO2 from marine transport.

Through this web-based application all relevant parties foreseen by the Regulation can fulfil their monitoring and reporting obligations in a centralized and harmonised way.

THETIS-MRV includes a mandatory and a voluntary module: through the mandatory module, companies will generate Emission Reports which will then be assessed by Verifiers who will issue a Document of Compliance in system; through the voluntary module, companies may draft their monitoring plans and the system will make them available for verifier’ assessment.

The system is available from 7 August 2017 and can be reached at

For supporting end-users setting up their accounts and performing the most relevant tasks, please consult the set of video tutorials available on 


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