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SAFEMED IV 2nd MCGFF Secretariat Meeting 2018

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The 2nd Maritime Coast Guard Functions Forum Secretariat Meeting 2018 was hosted by EMSA on May 11 with the participation of the Secretariat Members of France and Morocco (Co-Chairs 2018-2019), Turkey (Chair 2017) and the EMSA and FRONTEX representatives as observers. The main objective of the meeting was to work on the proposed draft agenda for the Plenary Meeting in Marseille 26-28 June 2018. A structure comprising of an opening session and 3 additional sessions (Policy, Maritime Surveillance and Environment) was agreed. In addition, the possibility of organising a round table with the three Agencies (EMSA, EFCA and FRONTEX) was discussed. SAFEMED IV renewed its commitment to support the participation of ENP SOUTH Neighbours countries' participants to the plenary conference.




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