Vessel traffic monitoring in EU waters (SafeSeaNet)

SafeSeaNet is a vessel traffic monitoring and information system, established in order to enhance:

  • Maritime safety
  • Port and maritime security
  • Marine environment protection
  • Efficiency of maritime traffic and maritime transport

What it does

SafeSeaNet was established as a centralised European platform for maritime data exchange, linking together maritime authorities from across Europe. It enables European Union Member States, Norway, and Iceland, to provide and receive information on ships, ship movements, and hazardous cargoes. Main sources of information include Automatic Identification System (AIS) based position reports, and notification messages sent by designated authorities in participating countries.

SafeSeaNet supports:

Safer seas and better protection of seafarers through:

  • early identification of high-risk vessels
  • earlier precautionary actions and risk mitigation
  • improved emergency response to incidents or pollution. 

More efficient operations by:

  • standardising access to data
  • helping users to respect their legal obligations
  • increasing the efficiency of port logistics (e.g. providing more accurate estimated times of arrival, details of waste handling, etc.)

High quality EU level monitoring by providing:

  • accurate, up-to-date information on the location of ships and their cargoes
  • reliable statistics for EU MemberState and EFTA bodies.

MSS - Operations Centre

About the MSS
The Maritime Support Services Operations Centre is at the heart of EMSA’s maritime monitoring and information activities.

SafeSeaNet Quick Facts

  • Vessel traffic monitoring system
  • Based on monitoring AIS (radio) broadcasts from ships
  • Covers all European coastal waters (over 20,000 vessels)
  • >12,000 ships/day tracked in EU waters
  • >100,000,000 AIS positions recorded per month
  • Service operated by EMSA, provided to Member States authorities
  • Uses: traffic management, search-and-rescue, banned vessel tracking


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