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Find below the latest issues of the EMSA Newsletter during the current year.

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  • Newsletter July 2014

    Published 03.07.2014

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    In this issue: Reflecting on last year's highlights and the programme for the year ahead; International students visit EMSA; 25 delegations attend the accident investigation meeting; Your opinion counts.

  • Newsletter June 2014

    Published 06.06.2014

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    In this issue: Norwegian State Secretary visits EMSA; EMSA teams up with Frontex at European Day for Border Guards; Operational Users of EMSA's Integrated Maritime Services attend first workshop; 29th Equasis Supervisory Committee

  • Newsletter May 2014

    Published 07.05.2014

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    In this issue: Maritime surveillance services to benefit from latest Sentinel-1 launch; Casualty information flow more streamlined as connection bridges EMSA's EMCIP and IMO'S GISIS; New SafeSeaNet incident reporting function in practice; In memory of Timothy Hudson (1963-2014).

  • SAFEMED III Bulletin - April 2014

    Published 23.04.2014

    m cover safemed newsl-1Check the latest SAFEMED III BULLETIN. This newsletter is available in EN and FR versions, and it is published twice per year.


  • Newsletter April 2014

    Published 07.04.2014

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    In this issue: 'Informative and fruitful' discussions held at EMSA Admin Board; New features for integrated maritime services released; SAFEMED III project enters second quarter after a promising start; Safeguarding oil pollution response in the Aegean

  • Newsletter March 2014

    Published 06.03.2014

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    In this issue: Equipment upgrade to bring enhanced oil spill response to the Black Sea; Rolling out the next phase of the SAT-AIS service; SAFEMED III beneficiaries follow maritime accident investigation seminar; EMSA visits Spanish maritime authorities.

  • Newsletter February 2014

    Published 06.02.2014

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    In this issue: In Memory of Jørgen Hammer Hansen; Baltic stakeholders pay visit to EMSA; SafeSeaNet interface gets makeover; International safety management training for IPA Countries.

  • Newsletter January 2014

    Published 08.01.2014

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    In this issue: New year greetings from Markku Mylly; New ground for passenger ship safety; Joint SSN-LRIT training session held in Ostend; European space expo: EMSA enters the dome.

  • Newsletter December 2013

    Published 05.12.2013

    s cover newsletter-1In this issue: EMSA's administrative board charts the way forward; Coordinated action to address places of refuge for vessels in distress; Equasis welcomes Brazil into its supervisory committee; EMSA consolidates oil spill response capabilities; Integrated maritime data platform ready to go live early 2014

  • Newsletter November 2013

    Published 06.11.2013

    s cover newsletter-1In this issue: Satellite evidence used in pollution case; Guiding action against illegal discharges; Interest grows in satellite-based AIS; Converting EU sulphur requirements into national law; Princely visit at RAMOGEPOL exercise.

  • Newsletter October 2013

    Published 04.10.2013

    s cover newsletter-1In this issue: Commission takes steps towards more sustainable shipping; Making informed choices on the use of dispersants to treat oil spills; European Court of Justice rules in favour of EMSA; Sampling the river Tejo; EMSA rolls up its sleeves for team building day.

  • Newsletter September 2013

    Published 09.09.2013

    s cover newsletter-1In this issue: SAFEMED III: Euro-Med cooperation picks up pace; Subscribers and followers on the rise; Rulecheck: making ship inspections less complex and more effective; Equasis annual report: the world fleet in figures.

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