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Find below the latest issues of the EMSA Newsletter during the current year.

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  • Newsletter October 2017

    Published 16.10.2017

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Third biannual exercise on places of refuge for ships in need of assistance held in Norway in conjunction with a chemical/oil spill response exercise; Exchanging operational experience on EMSA’s IMS Automatic Behaviour Monitoring tools; SAFEMED IV project implementation gets off to a good start; Training on CleanSeaNet and the SafeSeaNet Ecosystem (SEG) Graphical User Interface.

  • Newsletter September 2017

    Published 13.09.2017

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Executive Director presents before European Parliament’s Committee on Transport & Tourism; EMSA response vessel engaged in fisheries control in the Mediterranean operated by EFCA; EU-wide picture of seafarers’ statistics updated for 2015; THETIS-MRV reporting system now fully up and running.


  • Newsletter August 2017

    Published 08.08.2017

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: EMSA launches THETIS-MRV reporting system to help reduce CO2 emissions from shipping sector; Cooperation in education to enhance coast guard functions; Call for expression of interest to set up a pool of maritime experts; EMSA conducts fact-finding mission in Azerbaijan; New graphical interface in live demo of real use case scenarios.


  • Newsletter July 2017

    Published 06.07.2017

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Interagency cooperation on coast guard functions enters new phase; Strengthening cooperation and capacity building in accident investigation; Place of refuge coordination and planning for ships in need of assistance; Strengthening EMSA’s pollution response services in the Black Sea; Training to get the most out of the new Equipment Assistance Service; Technical assistance extends to Black and Caspian Sea regions.


  • Newsletter June 2017

    Published 13.06.2017

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Closing workshop presents results of tri-agency coast guard cooperation pilot project; Remotely piloted aircraft systems tested in real time for multipurpose missions; Member states meet to discuss integrated maritime services and train users on the new graphical interface; Workshop on the preparation of the cycle of marine equipment directive visits to member states; Paris MoU holds annual committee meeting.


  • Newsletter May 2017

    Published 08.05.2017

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: New user interface offers seamless access to maritime applications; Sulphur committee takes forward public face of THETIS-EU; Young minds take up SOx challenge; Enhancing regional cooperation for safe, secure and clean waters; Summary overview of marine casualties and incidents.


  • Newsletter April 2017

    Published 19.04.2017

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Capacity building workshop targets needs of national authorities; Sharing best practices on RO monitoring on international arena; EFCA, Frontex and EMSA strengthen cooperation on coast guard functions; Copernicus Maritime Surveillance tested in search and rescue exercise; Recently published ‘Outlook 2017’ presents Agency’s upcoming activities concisely and visually.


  • Newsletter March 2017

    Published 06.03.2017

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: CleanSeaNet helps to monitor two ship wrecks off the coast of France; EMSA enters new phase of European neighbourhood cooperation; Four new contracts to offer added maritime surveillance support; Ship owners and regulators gather for European Shipping Week.


  • Newsletter February 2017

    Published 07.02.2017

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: EMSA’s 2017 priorities shared before EP’s Transport Committee; EMSA study on the use of fuel cells in shipping; Visits and inspections activities gain quality assurance certification; EMSA publishes final report of the Firesafe study; Safe navigation via Copernicus maritime surveillance service.


  • Newsletter January 2017

    Published 09.01.2017

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Coast guard functions workshop held in EMSA; Stand-by oil spill response contract signed for the Black Sea; EMSA undertakes fact finding missions in five Black & Caspian Sea countries; Workshop addresses implementation of the Ship Recycling Regulation; Sharing best practices in accident investigation.


  • Newsletter December 2016

    Published 06.12.2016

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Accident investigation experts and maritime administrations look at fire safety on board ro-ro ferry decks; Database to support info exchange on dangerous & polluting goods; Support in maintaining a hazardous materials inventory in light of the EU’s ship recycling regulation; New RPAS contracts to strengthen maritime surveillance capabilities; EMSA holds Copernicus maritime surveillance service user workshop; EMSA studies cost-effectiveness of measures taken to implement Port State Control Directive.


  • Newsletter November 2016

    Published 07.11.2016

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Human Element Workshop Puts Seafarers Centre Stage; Open Day Abroad the Oil Spill Response Vessel Balluta Bay; Harnessing earth Observation Data from Satellite Imagery for Fisheries Control and Law Enforcement; Integrated Maritime Services Mobile App Upgrade Now Available; Towards Better Implementation and Enforcement of International Rules; Oil Spill Response Exercise Held off the Coast of Portugal.


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