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Find below the latest issues of the EMSA Newsletter during the current year.

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  • Newsletter August 2018

    Published 03.08.2018

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: Training targets greater safety on board fishing vessels; EMSA participates in pollution response exercise in Black Sea; Strengthening EMSA’s Equipment Assistance Service in the Baltic Sea; Energy interconnection summit sees high level group visit EMSA; EMSA Facts & Figures 2017 just published

  • Newsletter July 2018

    Published 16.07.2018

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: Reinforcing technical cooperation in accident investigation; EMSA holds 51st Administrative Board; Norwegian Barents Watch delegation pays visit to EMSA; Preparatory audit in Algeria in view of IMO Member State Audit Scheme.

  • Newsletter June 2018

    Published 06.06.2018

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: Learning how surveillance systems can be used to detect pollution; Adriatic 2018 – oil spill response exercise coordinated by Croatia; EMSA hosts ECSA Safety & Environment Committee meeting; President of Malta receives warm welcome at EMSA; EMSA participates in Paris MoU annual committee meeting.

  • Newsletter May 2018

    Published 16.05.2018

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: Boosting technical expertise in the EU’s Enlargement Countries; Port State Control – Caribbean MoU, Indian Ocean MoU and IMO visit EMSA; Integrated Maritime Services for Member States – Training in Romania; EU Agencies meet on future activities of the European Coast Guard.

  • Newsletter April 2018

    Published 13.04.2018

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: 50th Administrative Board meeting led by new chair Andreas Nordseth; Drawing lessons from EMCIP data – greater safety on fishing vessels; Working together for a cleaner environment; EMSA plays active role at Interspill 2018 in London; Interagency cooperation brings together different authorities for common training; EMSA gives IMS training in Croatia with attendees from Slovenia and Montenegro.

  • Newsletter March 2018

    Published 08.03.2018

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc addresses all EMSA staff; European Marine Casualty Information Platform revamped; Maritime Security Advisory Group and Committee meetings held in EMSA; EMSA’s RPAS on multipurpose maritime surveillance operations in Portugal; Training auditors for higher maritime safety levels throughout the Mediterranean.

  • Newsletter February 2018

    Published 07.02.2018

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: EMSA publishes guidance document on LNG bunkering for ports; Workshop offers Agency support to Member States as Flag States; EMSA on mission to Lebanon; Joint French-Portuguese delegation visits EMSA; Offering insight into EMSA’s maritime information services.

  • Newsletter January 2018

    Published 11.01.2018

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: EMSA’s remotely piloted aircraft systems service starts in Portugal supporting multipurpose maritime surveillance operations; Study sheds light on two hazardous substances for safer ship recycling; Raising awareness of cyber attack risks in the maritime domain; Download of marine casualties and incidents publications tops 80 000; National training for Ireland, Portugal and Spain; Equasis publishes annual review on world shipping fleet.

  • Newsletter December 2017

    Published 06.12.2017

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: Nordseth and Carlone to head EMSA Administrative Board; Enhancing fire safety on ro-ro decks; Looking at human behaviour in marine accident investigation; Safe loading and unloading of bulk carriers; European cooperation on coast guard functions; Celebrating 10 years of CleanSeaNet; Diplomatic community holds 33rd annual charity sale.


  • Newsletter November 2017

    Published 10.11.2017

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: EMSA takes part in international shipping conference in Cyprus; EMSA training programme expands in flexibility and potential reach; Mediterranean Coast Guard Functions Forum held in Turkey ; eManifest project update; Training session on Sulphur Directive enforcement taken aboard; Implementing EFCA/EMSA/Frontex Coast Guard Cooperation; European Sustainable Shipping Forum looks to the future.

  • Newsletter October 2017

    Published 16.10.2017

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Third biannual exercise on places of refuge for ships in need of assistance held in Norway in conjunction with a chemical/oil spill response exercise; Exchanging operational experience on EMSA’s IMS Automatic Behaviour Monitoring tools; SAFEMED IV project implementation gets off to a good start; Training on CleanSeaNet and the SafeSeaNet Ecosystem (SEG) Graphical User Interface.

  • Newsletter September 2017

    Published 13.09.2017

    s emsa newsletterIn this issue: Executive Director presents before European Parliament’s Committee on Transport & Tourism; EMSA response vessel engaged in fisheries control in the Mediterranean operated by EFCA; EU-wide picture of seafarers’ statistics updated for 2015; THETIS-MRV reporting system now fully up and running.


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