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Find below the latest issues of the EMSA Newsletter during the current year.

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  • Newsletter August 2019

    Published 01.08.2019 Updated 11.02.2020

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa visits EMSA; EMSA meets with partner agency in Vigo to discuss areas of cooperation; France's Secretary of State for EU Affairs visits EMSA; RPAS flights in Croatia enhancing maritime surveillance in real time; CO2 emissions data published for first reporting period; Defence matters in the fore as EMSA receives Croatia's minister of Defence and Chief Executive of EDA; Raising maritime security levels in the Black and Caspian Sea region.

  • SAFEMED IV Newsletter (issue 2, July 2019)

    Published 31.07.2019 Updated 01.08.2019

    m cover safemed 2

  • Newsletter July 2019

    Published 05.07.2019 Updated 11.02.2020

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: EMSA Administrative Board meet in Italy during Genoa Shipping Week; Visit to Icelandic Coast Guard to see RPAS operations first hand; Accident Investigation cooperation framework meets in Lisbon; “Can tech help sustain our planet?” – BBC Click investigates; CO2 ship emissions data just published on THETIS-MRV; CleanSeaNet detects oil spill in Finnish waters; Close cooperation among Mediterranean Coast Guard experts over common challenges.

  • Newsletter June 2019

    Published 14.06.2019 Updated 11.02.2020

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: European Maritime Day sets focus on the blue economy; Common Information Sharing Environment enters transitional phase to be coordinated by EMSA; EMSA participates in Paris MoU annual committee meeting; European Community Shipowners’ Associations gather at EMSA; IMO Member States Audit Scheme in Iceland; Croatian President pays visit to EMSA; Awareness-raising for the upcoming 0.50% cap on sulphur in marine fuel; EMSA enhances pollution response capability in the Black Sea; EMSA participates in Adriatic Spill Conference 2019; EU civil projection exercise ‘Cascade 19’ held in Portugal.

  • Newsletter May 2019

    Published 10.05.2019 Updated 11.02.2020

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue : Women in shipping – taking steps to redress the gender balance; Supporting national training for VTMIS operators in Italy through EMSA’s Integrated Maritime Services; Annual European Coast Guard event held in Poland; Working towards safer more environment friendly ship recycling; RPAS maritime surveillance services underway in Iceland; Accident investigation training delivered in Kiev as part of the Black and Caspian Sea Project.

  • BCSEA Newsletter (issue 1, April 2019)

    Published 08.05.2019 Updated 08.05.2019

    m bcsea newsletter

  • Newsletter April 2019

    Published 09.04.2019 Updated 11.02.2020

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue : Administrative board members put heads together to set 2020-24 priorities; EMSA assists French authorities following Grande America accident; Building up national capacity across flag, port and coastal states; Taking a proactive approach to cybersecurity awareness; Distance learning modules on cybersecurity now open to all; EFCA and EMSA sign new agreement extending cooperation to new areas; Recently published ‘Outlook 2019’ gives visual and concise view of Agency’s upcoming activities.

  • Newsletter March 2019

    Published 13.03.2019 Updated 11.02.2020

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: European Parliament transport committee welcomes new director; Raising awareness of the upcoming 0.50% sulphur cap on ship fuel; Stepping into a virtual reality to enhance the learning experience; New environmental commitment workshop draws strong interest; Preparing & planning a sound course ahead for autonomous shipping; EMSA and Paris MoU hold four-day Port State Control seminar.

  • Newsletter February 2019

    Published 07.02.2019 Updated 11.02.2020

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: Coast guard handbook: meeting with member state representatives; New dispersant stockpiles set up by North Sea and Adriatic Sea; Cooperation to raise cybersecurity awareness across transport modes; RPAS drone flights get underway in Spain to assist SASEMAR in its search and rescue and pollution monitoring operations; Europol to benefit from EMSA's Integrated Maritime Services; EMSA's Quality Management System extended to cover greater ground.

  • Newsletter January 2019

    Published 10.01.2019 Updated 11.02.2020

    s emsa newsletter

    In this issue: EMSA welcomes to its helm Ms Maja Markovčić Kostelac and bids a fond farewell to former director; Fourth workshop on Automated Behaviour Monitoring tools; Sulphur inspectors given field training on board cruise ship; Marine casualties and incidents publication averages 30 000 downloads per year; EMSA heads to Marseille for the European Space Week; Equasis publishes annual review on world shipping fleet.

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