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Find below the latest issues of the EMSA Newsletter during the current year.

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  • Newsletter September 2012

    Published 07.09.2012 Updated 13.03.2013

    s cover newsletter-1In this issue: EMSA's new Director comes before EU Parliament transport committee; EMSA awards new contract to Balluta Bay oil response vessel; Montenegro gets to grips with third maritime safety package; EQUASIS annual report now out

  • Newsletter August 2012

    Published 01.08.2012 Updated 13.03.2013

    s cover newsletter-1In this issue: New vessel reinforces oil spill response in western Med; Debate grows on expanding MARES regional server; Plotting the course for port State control; French navy cadets pay a visit to EMSA.

  • Newsletter July 2012

    Published 02.07.2012 Updated 13.03.2013

    s cover newsletter-1

    In this issue: Founding regulation reaches ten year milestone; Pollution response - staying prepared; Blue Belt to move to next stage, says Kallas; Getting to grips with the Maritime Labour Convention.

  • Newsletter June 2012

    Published 11.06.2012 Updated 13.03.2013

    s newsletter cover6In this issue:

    -New Executive Director appointed; Findings of first Blue Belt review now online; Trackling the challenges of sustainable transport-focus on LNG; Support for bluefin tuna campaign thanks to Marsurv-3.

  • Newsletter May 2012

    Published 11.05.2012 Updated 13.03.2013

    s cover newsletter-1In this issue: Deal over extended remit for EMSA; Pax passenger ship safety under review; Baltic states get trained up in SafeSeaNet and LRIT; NEPT – new acronym, new role.

  • Newsletter April 2012

    Published 02.04.2012 Updated 13.03.2013

    s cover newsletter-1In this issue: Closer cooperation over accident investigation; Ro-Pax damage stability examined; Interspill 2012 draws in crowds; SafeMed LRIT training workshop; EMSA signs LRIT agreement with IMSO; Alien invaders in the spotlight.

  • Newsletter March 2012

    Published 09.03.2012 Updated 13.03.2013

    m_cover_newsletter_tc In this issue:
    -EMSA launches snapshot video series
    -IMDatE to bring value to data streams
    -PSC practice boosted by distance learning
    -Portuguese television on board Bahia III

  • Newsletter February 2012

    Published 03.02.2012 Updated 02.02.2016

    m_cover_newsletter_tc In this issue:
    -Salina Bay on standby as oil is removed from Costa Concordia
    -Biofuels - A viable option for the future?
    -New Chairman Frans Van Rompuy meets EMSA Staff
    -Oil recovery vessels - procurement in view
    -EMSA to participate in 2012 Interspill conference

  • Newsletter January 2012

    Published 12.01.2012 Updated 13.03.2013

    m_cover_newsletter_082011In this issue:

    - Project-Horizon: Research Presented on Seafarer Fatigue
    - Elephant in the Room: EMSA's First STCW Inspection in India
    - Sharing Accident Data: EMCIP Workshops
    - EUROPOL Director Visits EMSA


  • Newsletter December 2011

    Published 08.12.2011 Updated 22.09.2014


    EMSA external newsletter - December 2011
    - Van Rompuy, Wehrmann to head EMSA Administrative Board
    - EMSA management in transition
    - Aerial surveillance training
    - New oil spill response vessels in Black, Baltic and Mediterranean Seas
    - EMSA conference videos on YouTube
    - Procurement and careers updates on website

  • Newsletter November 2011

    Published 10.11.2011 Updated 13.03.2013


  • Newsletter - October 2011

    Published 07.10.2011 Updated 22.09.2014


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